Setup a custom domain for tracking URL (using a CNAME)

Custom Domain (Premium service)

Use your own URL to display the tracking info instead of using 
For example: 
Do note that tracking URL only works for the tracking numbers added or imported to your aftership account.  

Step 1. Pick a username

Login to your AfterShip account, and enter a username at  AccountProfile  For example: 

Step 2. Create a CNAME with your DNS provider

a. Login to your DNS provider, and create a CNAME 
b. Enter a host name or subdomain (For example: track  )
c. Enter destination URL as 
For godaddy, you can refer to this  guide to add a CNAME at godaddy.

Step 3. Wait for 24-72 hours

Login to your AfterShip account, and enter the custom domain at  AccountProfile  We will validate if your DNS provider has propagated that custom domain to AfterShip.It can take up to 24-72 hours for it to propagate and properly point to AfterShip.

What's DNS provider?

In most cases, your DNS provider is where you registered your domain name. For example, Hover or GoDaddy. 

How do I know if I set up custom domain properly?

When you visit the subdomain, you should see a Track Button where you can enter a tracking number.
The Track Button will make use of the carrier settings you set up at  settingscouriers   

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