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Add UTM Tracking Link in Email Notifications

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This tutorial explains how you can use UTM tracking links and append UTM parameters in AfterShip Tracking’s notification emails notifications links to gain deeper insights and track the performance of your email notifications.

You'll need a configured Google Analytics account to use these parameters for data analysis in Google Analytics.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

What is UTM tracking
Add UTM parameters to URLs
View data in Google Analytics

What is UTM tracking

UTM tracking is a way to track traffic sources and user behavior on a website by adding parameters to the destination URLs. Add UTM tracking in your email notification links if you’d like to track sources and conversions from emails in Google Analytics.

Add UTM parameters to URLs

You can add the UTM parameters to your destination URLs as follows.

Separate the parameters, such as utm_source and utm_medium, from the URL with a question mark
List the parameters and values as pairs separated by an equal sign
Separate each parameter-value pair with an ampersand

Go to Notifications > Emails and SMS in the AfterShip Tracking admin
Select the notification template to which you want to add the UTM parameters.
Click Edit > Edit email template

Navigate to the Destination URL field of the email’s CTA button.

Depending on how you've configured the email body, CTA buttons, and destination URL placement will differ for each template.

Add the UTM parameters mentioned below after the |TRACKING_URL| merge tag



Click Save

View data in Google Analytics

You can find the "Session source/medium" in your Google Analytics account under the Traffic Acquisition report.

Updated on: 12/08/2023

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