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Automatic Features in AfterShip


Once your store is connected with AfterShip, shipments added in your store will be imported automatically. We check for new shipments and import them automatically to your AfterShip account for a proper sync. 

Please note that invalid or duplicate tracking numbers will not be imported. So, make sure that you add some valid tracking numbers to your store, even if you're testing the connection. Also, set your carrier preference at your AfterShip account. Get sample tracking numbers from here.


Shipments imported to your AfterShip account will be matched with the correct carriers and tracked automatically. From your AfterShip account's dashboard, you can easily monitor the current statuses of all shipments. Multiple filters are also available to obtain details about specific shipments.


Upgrade to a paid plan to send notifications for different delivery checkpoints. Notifications can be auto-triggered for events like Info received, In transit, Out for delivery, Available for pickup, Delivered, Failed delivery attempt, Exceptions, etc.

You can send email notifications from your business ID by simply getting it verified by our support team. Plus, you can create an email template for each delivery checkpoint using any of the available editors to make your email notifications look authentic.

For SMS notifications, kindly check the charges here. Please note that SMS notification charges are not included in any of our paid plans.

For email workflows, a Premium or Enterprise plan is required.

Updated on: 02/11/2022

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