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Claim Status Definition

Claim status is returned by the insurance company, showing the progress of the claim.

In AfterShip Protection, merchants will directly communicate the claim issues with the insurance company to get the claim paid.

AfterShip Protection has 8 Claim statuses, here’s the meaning of claim status:

UnsubmittedCustomers have submitted the claim to you but not submitted to the insurance company, you could review and submit it to the insurance company.
SubmittedThe claim has been entered into the insurance company's claims management system, awaiting review.
Awaiting documentsAdditional documents (ex. Invoice, photos) are required by the insurance company to complete the claim process.
Under reviewFurther investigation is necessary to determine the claim result.
ApprovedThe claim has been approved and submitted for payment processing.
PaidThe claim has been paid by the insurance company successfully. The claim paid fee will pay to you at the beginning of next month by AfterShip Protection.
ClosedThe claim has been denied by the insurance company. If you have any questions, please find the insurance company for help.
DeniedThe claim has been reviewed and closed due to a variety of scenarios. If you have any questions, please find the insurance company for help.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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