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Common CSV Import Errors

Look out for these CSV import errors next time you receive an email notification with an alert of unsuccessful shipment import and what you can do to rectify those.

S.N.ErrorDescriptionUser action required
1ErrorCsvInvalidCSV file format is incorrect, resulting in unparsabilityImport data using the correct template we provide
2ErrorCsvTooLargeCSV file size is more than 5MBSplit files to reduce individual file size
3ErrorCsvEmptyCSV file is emptyFill in the CSV file with tracking data using our basic or full CSV template
4ErrorCsvTooManyRowsThe number of shipments imported at a time exceeds the maximum limit which is 60,000 for whitelist Enterprise users and 10,000 for other usersSplit files to reduce shipment volume per CSV file
5ErrorCsvNoRecordCSV file with no dataFill in the CSV file with tracking data using our basic or full CSV template
6ErrorCsvColumnsInconsistentCSV file wrong format. The data column count does not match the table header countPlease add the missing headers or reduce the data columns to align the data
7ErrorCsvDuplicateRepeat import of the same CSV filePlease change the file content
8ErrorUrlAccessDeniedNo permission to access the user's CSV file or FTP serverPlease check whether the FTP rule configuration within the AfterShip admin is correct
9ErrorFetchCSVDataFailedUnable to connect to the user's FTP serverPlease check whether your FTP service is operating normally and hosted on the public network
10ErrResourceNotFoundFile does not existPlease check whether the file address is correct

Updated on: 14/09/2023

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