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Connect AfterShip to Alloy Automation

Alloy Automation, an e-commerce automation platform, helps you save a significant amount of time and reduce manual errors. It lets you automate workflows so that you can focus on core business activities, instead of monotonous tasks.

Integrating AfterShip with Alloy Automation means getting access to 90+ apps like ReCharge, Yotpo, etc. to pull or push data.

There are a few apps that AfterShip doesn’t support natively, but the integration with Alloy Automation paves the way for users to get access to all those applications.

Steps to connect AfterShip with Alloy Automation

Login to your Alloy Automation account and create a new workflow

Now go to the ‘Trigger Blocks’ and choose the AfterShip Trigger from the ‘Apps’ section and set it as the first app in your workflow

Act according to the given instructions and paste the Alloy-generated link into your AfterShip account

Click on the ‘Finish’ button to establish a successful connection

In case you’re facing issues while setting up a connection, get help from our support team right away 👍

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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