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Connect OpenCart Store to AfterShip

Installation steps for OpenCart extension for 2.x

Download the new extension from here.
Ensure the downloaded extension filename is ending with
Login to your OpenCart store as an admin user.
Ensure you have FTP enabled on your server. Refer here on how to enable FTP on your server.
Ensure the FTP user has the correct permissions to read/write the OpenCart directories.
For proper FTP usage, it is recommended to install QuickFix
Go to Extensions > Extension Installer.
Click Upload > select the extension you had downloaded earlier > Click Continue.

Go to Extensions > Modifications. Click on the Refresh button.

Go to Extensions > Modules > AfterShip Track Shipment v2.0 and click Edit

Enter your AfterShip username, api_key and change the status to Enabled. Click on the Refresh button.

Verify that module is Enabled and the Courier List from AfterShip has been updated in OpenCart.

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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