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Connect SparkPay Store to AfterShip

1. Login to your SparkPay admin panel

a. Go to  Tools and then select Apps & Addons.

b. Scroll down to bottom and click   API Apps & Integrations.

2. Add a new App

a. Click  New  to add a new app.

b. Enter AfterShip  as App Name and  Shipment Tracking App  as description.

c. Select Single Token Flow as authentication flow.

3. Allow permission

Allow permission of  View customer, user, or profile data  and View order data and click Save.

4. Copy Access Token

a. Copy  Access token  and click Finish.

b. Login to your AfterShip account and go to Apps > SparkPay.

c. Input your SparkPay Store URL and the Access Token

Your AfterShip account should connect to your SparkPay store.

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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