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Enable AI-Predictive Post-Purchase Estimated Delivery Dates for Your Shipments

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After placing an order, the one thing that customers are eager to know more than anything is when their order will be delivered. Henceforth, eCommerce businesses prefer to share estimated delivery dates for orders to reduce customers' constant Where is my order? (WISMO) queries and gives them a satisfcatory shopping experience.

To provide you a wider coverage and more accurate EDDs, AfterShip Tracking has an AI model in place to predict EDD (AI EDD) for every shipment covering more than 101 major carriers now and more in the future.

Our AI-model leverages factors such as weather and traffic during the shipment journey, and reaches up to 90% on-time rate.
Our AI-model also provides dynamic EDD updates during transportation based on actual logistics status, which can deliver AI model-detected potential delay alerts to shoppers and is proven to be able to further uplift the on-time rate up to 95% on average.
Once enabled, these estimated delivery dates will appear on the branded tracking pages and in emails and SMSes

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In this article, we will show you:

Enable the EDD feature of AfterShip
AI Predictive EDD

Enable the EDD feature of AfterShip

Go to Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD) > Dashboard > Post-purchase EDD > Edit to start the configuration in your AfterShip Tracking account

AI Predictive EDD

Click Enable to allow our AI-model to start predicting estimated delivery dates for your shipments
Select the date format. You get two options

a. Single date: This will give a single estimated delivery date to your customers. The carriers also provide a single date EDD. AfterShip's AI-engine is typically 91% accurate in providing single date EDDs.

b. Date range: With an average 96% accuracy, the AI engine will most commonly calculate a 2-day date range.

Enable Dynamic Prediction to allow the AI to adjust its EDD based on the weather and traffic, etc., improving the accuracy for each shipment by 25% on average
Hit Save to let AI start predicting EDDs for your shipments
Our AI model currently predicts EDDs for 101 major worldwide carriers and will support more in the future. Click View carriers to check the complete list. If your preferred carriers are missing from the list contact us now


Enable Custom Post-Purchase Estimated Delivery Dates for Your Shipments

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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