1. What is AfterShip Protection?

AfterShip Protection is powered by InsureShield ® shipping insurance and offers you quick and easy resolutions for shipping mishaps. If anything happens to your order, i.e. getting lost, damaged, or stolen, you can file a claim.

2. How can I buy AfterShip Protection?

You can purchase protection at the checkout page.

Please note that the protection fee will be calculated based on the item price. Protection can’t insure ‘shipping fee’ and ‘tax fee’ for now.

Once you place your order with AfterShip Protection, its status will be Inactive unless the order gets shipped.

3. How can I check the protection details?

Once an order is placed, you can easily check the protection details using these 3 methods:

On the order confirmation page, you will see the AfterShip Protection card. Click it to check the policy information along with order tracking details

In the email notification, click View shipment details to check the policy information

On tracking page, you can check the ‘policy status’ info for all the orders bought with protection

4. How can I file a claim if my shipment is lost, damaged, or stolen?

Once your order is shipped, the protection policy status changes to ‘Active’. On the off chance that something goes wrong during the delivery, you can easily submit a claim on the AfterShip Protection policy page. Here’s how:

Click the Claim button on the protection detail page

Select a reason to file a claim. There are 3 reasons to choose from: Lost in transit, Porch Piracy, and Damaged

Provide the required information. Try to provide maximum info to get quick approval. Keep the following information in mind:

➡️ For ‘Lost in transit’ and ‘Porch piracy’, the whole order will be claimed. You’ll need to provide the product category and describe your issues.

➡️ For ‘Damaged’, except for providing the product category and describing your issues, you’ll need to choose which items are damaged and provide proof, like photos.

Once the claim is submitted, you can easily monitor the claim progress by clicking View claim

5. How does the claim process work?

The whole claim process will be handled by the UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. It generally takes 2-5 business days. There will be 3 scenarios once the UPS Capital Insurance Agency is done checking the claim request.

Scenario 1: Once the claim is approved, the merchant will contact the shopper to ask whether they would like to have a reshipment of the product or a refund

Scenario 2: If UPS Capital Insurance, Inc. needs more information to check the claim request, it will contact the merchant to relay the message to the claimer

Scenario 3: If UPS Capital Insurance, Inc. rejects the claim request after the evaluation and gives an invalid reason, the shopper can contact the merchant and tell why he/she isn’t satisfied with the given reasons so that the latter can ask the insurance company to reconsider the claim

6. How will I be paid?

Once the insurance company approves your claim, we will contact you within 3-5 business days to know how you would like to receive your claim amount. We can reship as well as initiate a refund.

Note: The insurance company shares results in days, not weeks. Kindly be patient during the process.

Still have more questions for us? Kindly check the FAQs (Part 2)
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