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Filter Shipment Data by Specific Events

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AfterShip Tracking’s specific events filter helps users filter shipments with specific events that happened at a specific time or location and were caused by a specific reason.

To filter shipments by specific events

Navigate to Shipments in the AfterShip Tracking admin
Click Add filters
Select Specific activities under the Advanced category

Select the Event type, for example, Redelivery scheduled

Add Conditions like Date, Location, and Reason

Date - To select the date when the event/issue happened, you can:

a. Select a specific date
b. Select a date between Date 1 and Date 2
c. Select the date that is in the last X days

Location - To select a specific Country, State, and City where the event/issue happened, you can:

a. Select a location that is any of one or multiple Countries, States, and Cities
b. Select a location that is none of one or multiple Countries, States, and Cities

Reason - To select a specific reason that caused the event/issue, you can:

a. Select a reason that is any of one or multiple reasons
b. Select A reason that is none of one or multiple reasons

The selected value will be applied to populate the filtered shipments list in real-time

Specific events and issues supported

An Event is a situation that occurs during the logistics and transportation of a package, each associated with a timestamp and tracking number for logistics companies and customers to track the location and status of the package.

An event/issue always has a location and a time where and when it happened
An event/issue may have a reason that leads to that event/issue happening

Here’s the list of all the events and issues supported by AfterShip Tracking to filter shipment data based on when, where, and why those events and issues happened.

Go get a detailed tutorial on what each of these events and issues mean, visit here

Filter optionsList of events and issues
Specific activitiesReturn To Sender (with selected reasons)
Shipment Lost
Shipment Damaged
Shipment Canceled
Redelivery Scheduled (with selected reasons)
Shipment Dropped Off At A Collection Point
Misrouted Rerouted
Rejected By Recipient
Delivered To Neighbor
Signed by customer
Delivered To A Location
Held By Customs (with selected reasons)

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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