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Filter Shipment Data with Basic Filters

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AfterShip Tracking’s basic filter helps users sort shipments data based on certain data variables or a combination of data variables. The filters determine which shipments will be displayed in a specific shipment view. For example, the default Exception view uses the Status filter with a value of Exception to show you all of your exception shipments.

When you select filters, you can also combine them to see shipments that match multiple criteria. For example, you can combine the Exception status filter and Transit time = 1 filter to view a list of your shipments that are both exception and has 1 day of transit time period.

To refine shipments data with basic filters

Navigate to Shipments in the AfterShip Tracking admin
Click Add filters
Select the filter(s) property under General, Timelines, or Events category. Learn more about data variables

Select the Filter options, e.g., is any of or is none of. The option will be set to is any of by default.
Select the results under the filter property

The selected values will be applied to populate the filtered shipments list.

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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