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Frequently Asked Questions About Carrier Autocorrection


Here are some FAQs about AfterShip Tracking's Auto-correction feature

Why are some shipments pending?

Normally, when you provide a tracking number, we update the shipment status automatically. But sometimes the status gets stuck as "Pending" because the carrier either hasn't updated the status or you entered the wrong carrier details.

How would it affect API and webhook users?

API and webhook users must use the tracking ID to identify their shipments after enabling autocorrection. The reason being is that autocorrection updates incorrect slugs, which doesn't let you find shipments using your original tracking number or slug.

For API users, use tracking ID to learn about tracking. Learn more here.

For Webhook users, use tracking ID to identify tracking.

How does carrier autocorrection work?

Whenever you accidentally enter the wrong carrier details, AfterShip's autocorrection fixes it and gets you the latest shipment status.

When does AfterShip’s autocorrect come into effect?

AfterShip autocorrects carrier details for pending after considering a certain period.

ICYDK: To decide when to autocorrect carrier details, we check historical data.

How much carrier autocorrection is accurate?

Autocorrection gets done when we’re 100% sure about the carrier. So, it's 100% accurate!

How would I know about the autocorrected carriers?

We inform you via two ways:

We send a weekly autocorrection report to your registered email address:

We show corrected carriers at shipment dashboard

How to activate autocorrection?

Go to Settings > Carriers > Enable Carrier auto-correction

Does the autocorrection feature work for historic shipments?

The auto-correction feature will work only for the shipments that are imported after activating the feature in the user account. The feature won't crawl the old shipments for carrier autocorrections imported/added to the user account before enabling the feature.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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