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How Could Your Customers File a Claim?

The AfterShip Protection status becomes active once the order is shipped. However, there are times when shipments are lost, damaged, or stolen. In such cases, your customer need to submit a claim.

Here’s how the AfterShip Protection claim process works:

👉 What your customer need to do

Your customers can visit your tracking page to file a claim

Click the Claim button on the protection detail page

Select the reason to file a claim. Available reasons are Lost in transit, Porch Piracy, and Damaged

To submit a claim, you need to provide claim information.

For Lost in transit and Porch piracy reasons: Select the product category and describe your issue. Order receipt/invoice and reship/refund evidence from the merchant would be needed.

For Damaged reason: Apart from selecting the product category and describing the issue, the shopper needs to choose the damaged item from the list (if the order was comprising multiple products) and provide proof.

Once the claim is submitted, shoppers can check the claim progress by clicking the View claim button of the branded tracking page.

The whole claim process will be handled by the UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. It generally takes 2-5 business days. There will be 3 scenarios, once the UPS Capital Insurance Agency is done checking the claim request.

Scenario 1: Once the claim is approved, the merchant will contact the shopper to ask whether they would like to have reshipment of the product or refund

Scenario 2: If UPS Capital Insurance, Inc. needs more information to check the claim request, it will contact the merchant to relay the message to the claimer

Scenario 3: If UPS Capital Insurance, Inc. rejects the claim request after the evaluation and gives an invalid reason, the shopper can contact the merchant and tell why he/she isn’t satisfied with the given reasons so that the latter can ask the insurance company to reconsider the claim

In case of any doubts, chat with our support team

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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