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How to Add the AfterShip Branded Tracking Page URL in Shopify’s Notifications?

Keeping customers updated about the order status is important to give them an awesome post-purchase experience and prevent unnecessary support requests.

You can now replace tracking links mentioned by default in Shopify’s notifications with the AfterShip branded tracking page URL. It ensures your store gains all the traffic instead of the carrier website and also increases the chances of sales.

What steps do I need to follow to enable the feature?

Two easy steps are all it takes to enable this feature

Go to the ‘Tracking pages’ tab of your AfterShip account and click on it
Look for the ‘Tracking page for Shopify’ option and then turn on the toggle

Note: The tracking URL will be replaced when shipments get imported successfully to AfterShip.

How many tracking URLs will be updated exactly?

Shopify shows fulfillment tracking links in 4 different locations, and you can replace those links with the AfterShip branded tracking page URL with no hassle. Those locations are:

Admin page
Customer order detail page
Thank you page
Email notification page

What will happen if I update the App Proxy URL in Shopify?

We suggest you avoid going that way because the links in the already sent emails won’t be updated. It means your customer will deal with unnecessary hassle, once they click on the link.

However, if it’s very important for you to use the app proxy URL, make sure both Shopify and AfterShip have the same URL.

To change the link in AfterShip, go to Apps section > Click on 'Store connections' and then choose 'Actions' to see the ‘Tracking page settings’ option in its dropdown menu to enter the correct URL.

Can I use a different tracking page for multiple Shopify stores?

It’s possible if you are on the Pro or Enterprise plan

If you have multiple Shopify stores and want to set up a different tracking page for each one, visit the Tracking pages section of AfterShip and add pages as per your needs.

Once you add the desired number of tracking pages, just go to Apps section > Click on 'Store connections' and then choose 'Actions' to see the ‘Tracking page settings’ option. After this, you’ll be able to choose your desired tracking page.

Note: It is important for you to choose the tracking page for each Shopify Store you are having. Otherwise, all your stores will use the default tracking page mentioned in your AfterShip account.

Is there a way to add the AfterShip branded tracking page URL in the order confirmation email?

Yes, and it’s super easy!

Go to your Shopify’s store notifications settings

You will see a list of notification templates that Shopify uses while pushing updates, so choose the first one

After choosing the notification template, look for this part of the code:
<td class="button__cell"><a href="{{ order_status_url }}" class="button__text">View your order</a></td>

Replace it with this one:

<td class="button__cell"><a href="{{ shop.url }}/apps/aftership/order-status?order-number={{order.order_number}}&email={{email}}" class="button__text">View your order</a></td>

Click on ‘Save’ to finalize your changes

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Updated on: 07/10/2022

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