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How to File a Claim for Your Customers

AfterShip Protection allows merchants to file a claim on behalf of their customers in a few easy steps.

Merchants can file a claim for their customers in 2 ways:

From the AfterShip admin portal
From the branded tracking page

How to submit a claim from the AfterShip admin portal

Log in to AfterShip admin account
Go to Protection > Coverage > Active status

Click Coverage details under Active status > File a claim
Fill in the claim details and the resolution method, and submit it to the insurance company directly

To know how to submit a claim from the branded tracking page, check this help article.

Please note that when you submit the claim from the admin site:
The resolution status will become ‘To be resolved’ if you disable the automation feature.
The resolution status will become ‘Resolved’ if you enable the automation feature.

You can also monitor the ‘claim status’ with the insurance company to know whether it’s being paid or not.

Updated on: 19/02/2023

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