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How to Integrate ShipBob With AfterShip

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AfterShip Tracking's integration with ShipBob connects shipment status for all their tracking and shipment status needs. Brands can unify multi-channel order logistics and expedite data consolidation.

How it works

The integration instantly syncs ShipBob order shipment to AfterShip and triggers AfterShip Tracking's notifications to inform shoppers in real-time. Connect all fulfillment information and eliminate multi-channel manual data import.

Integrate ShipBob with AfterShip Tracking

Create and set up a ShipBob account
Go to the AfterShip Tracking integration page.
Find ShipBob and select it to land on the detailed integration page
Select AfterShip Tracking from the dropdown and then click Install app

Select the right organization (online store) if you have multiple organizations configured in AfterShip Tracking (Optional) for which you are establishing this integration

To install the ShipBob app, you need to fill in your ShipBob username and password to authenticate the connection

On the Authorization window, Click Install app

In case you need help with the integration process, don’t hesitate to contact our chat support team.

Updated on: 27/09/2023

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