AfterShip Protection is a great way to safeguard the shipments from being lost, damaged, stolen (porch piracy). Shoppers are likely to go for AfterShip Protection, especially when they are ordering an expensive item from your Shopify store. Here’s what you should know about claim management while using AfterShip.

Once the order is shipped, the claim window will remain open for 90 days. After this period, the shopper won’t be to file a claim request.
➡️ Steps to manage AfterShip Protection claims

Log in to your AfterShip account > Go to Protection

❖ Click the Inactive orders tab to see all those orders for which AfterShip Protection hasn’t been activated yet

❖ On clicking any of the orders, you’ll be able to check insurance coverage details

❖ Once the order is shipped, the AfterShip Protection status will be changed automatically from Inactive to Active. After this, the order will also be shifted to the Active orders tab

❖ To check how many claims have been filed and their status, check the Claims tab. You’ll see 6 different statuses

All claims: It shows you all the filed claims with crucial details like the claim status, order number, claim ID, claim reason, claimers’ description, and claim filed date

Claim in progress: It tells you the UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. is still scrutinizing the submitted claim request

Claim remitted to merchant: It means the UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. has transferred the insurance money to the merchant (you)

For orders with this claim status, you need to do this:

Click on the order to find the Resolve claim button > Choose the resolution type from the available options: Refund to store credit, Refund to original payment method, Exchanges for other items, and Re-ship the same items.

Claim resolved: Once you resolve the claim, the order will be shown under this status

Claim denied: In case the UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. rejects the claim request, the order will be moved under this status

Claim closed: Once the UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. closes the claim, no matter whether it has accepted or rejected the claim, the order will be shown under this status

🤔 Is there anything else I need to know?

If you want AfterShip Protection to be selected by default when the shopper is about to place an order, simply check the Settings tab and click on the checkbox.

To learn how a shopper is supposed to file a claim, click here.

For clarity, kindly keep this flow chart in mind:

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