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How to Manage AfterShip Protection Claims?

AfterShip Protection is a great way to safeguard shipments from being lost, damaged, or stolen (porch piracy).

Consumers could enjoy peace of mind with AfterShip Protection when they place an order from your Shopify store. If they have any issues with the package, could easily file a claim and get resolved from merchants to get a great post-purchase experience.

Here’s what you should know about claim management while using AfterShip.

For claim issues, Merchant is a bridge between your customers and the insurance company.

The insurance company will communicate the claims with merchants only, and the claim amount is paid to merchants.
Merchants need to resolve the claim with your customers via refund or reorder, etc. You could resolve the claim before or after the claim is approved by the insurance company based on your store's experience standard. (If you reship or refund before submitting a claim to the insurance company, will greatly increase the paid successful rate.)

There are 2 main flows in the claim management portal

You need to submit and resolve the claim with your customers.
Monitor the claim status from the insurance company, you could choose when to resolve the claims based on the claim status.

How to resolve a claim for your customer?

1) View the Submitted claims from the customers

After your customers submitted claims to you, you could manage them together on the Claims page.
We’ll default let the merchants review the claim first to reduce back-and-forth communication between consumers and the insurance company and to push the claim review process faster.

When your customers submit a claim, it will come to the ‘Claims’ dashboard, and the resolution status is ’Unsubmitted‘. You need to review and submit to the insurance company.

How to view new claims: Protection > Claims > Click claim to see detail
How to ‘Submit claim’: Protection > Claims > Click ‘Submit claim’ on the list

Know more about Claim status and Resolution status:
Claim status definition: Claim status definition
Resolution status definition: Resolution status definition

If you don’t want to review the claim yourself and do not need the reshipping fee. You could directly send them to the insurance company, please refer to How to submit claims to the insurance company directly?

2) Submit claims from the customers

For claims with ’Unsubmitted‘ resolution status, you need to submit to the insurance company to get the claim reviewed and paid.

When you enter the ‘Submit claim’ page, you could review the claim(left panel) and choose the resolution(right panel).
If the claim is qualified and you could update the proof or description needed to get the claim paid faster and submit it to the insurance company.
If you think the claim is not qualified after talking to the consumer, you could also deny the claim and it will not send to the insurance company.

Claim info could be updated:
Claim items (If you trigger the automation solution, will auto-solve with these claim items)
Update the description and upload proof if needed.
___ - For Lost in transit/ Porch piracy, proof needed: Order receipt & Reship/ refund proof
___ - For Damaged, proof needed: Damaged image & Order receipt & Reship/ refund proof

Resolution methods:
You could resolve the claim before or after the claim is paid. AfterShip Protection provides 4 solutions for you to resolve the claim.
If you resolved the claim before submitting it to the insurance company, and provide the resolution proof, the insurance company will approve and pay the claim in a short time.

You could choose a resolution method for the consumers, also we provide an automated resolution for you to improve efficiency.
If you trigger the automation, which means you have resolved the claim with your customer.
If you disable the automation, you could resolve the issue later or after the claim is approved, you could also use the automation when you click ‘Mark as resolved’.

Know more about how the automation works:
How does the resolution automation work?

Submit claim
If you finish the information confirm and submit the claim, we'll send the claim and resoluton information to the insurance company.

3) ‘Mark as resolved’ claims for your customers

If you did not use the automation to resolve the claim, the resolution status will become ‘To be resolved’.
You may need to resolve the claim when available, we provide ‘Mark as resolved’ action for you to confirm the resolution way and use the automation feature.

4) Monitor the ‘Claim status’ for the claim.

The Claim status is returned by the insurance company. When the claim status becomes ‘Approved’ or ‘Paid’, means the claim will be paid.
You could resolve the claim with your consumers without hesitation.
If the Claim status becomes ‘Denied’, you could also deny resolving the claim if the claim status is not ‘resolved’.
If you have any questions about the claim result, please contact the insurance company for help.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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