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How to Use Google Sheet Add-on When Exporting Shipment Data

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AfterShip facilitates shipment tracking and lets merchants import shipments seamlessly. Now, we’ve made the process of shipment data export far easier with AfterShip Tracking's Google Sheet add-on.

Step 1: Get the Google sheet add-on

Open a new Google spreadsheet or simply search in your browser
Go to Extensions > Select Add-ons and click Get add-ons

Search AfterShip Tracking in Google Workspace Marketplace and click Install to get the add-on

Step 2: Create API key

Log in to your AfterShip account
Go to Settings and select API keys
Click Create API key

Add the name of the API key for easy reference
Select API Key as signature header
Select admin API permissions for Tracking and click Save

Copy the API key from the popup and download the file and save it to a secure location

Step 3: Export the shipment data to a Google sheet

Switch to the tab where you’ve opened a Google spreadsheet
Go to Extensions
Select AfterShip tracking add-on

Choose Open AfterShip Tracking and paste the copied API Key

Click Generate to export shipment data from your AfterShip account

For any help, please reach out to our support team

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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