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How to Use iFrame to Embed Branded Tracking Page

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AfterShip Tracking allows you to seamlessly embed your branded tracking page into your store website using an iframe, providing a convenient and effortless way for shoppers to track their shipments.

How to embed a branded tracking page using iFrame

Navigate to Tracking pages > Embedding in the AfterShip Tracking admin
Scroll down to the Embed anywhere using iFrame section
Select a page you want to embed

If you want to give a standard tracking experience across your audience, opt for Use universal URL (default AfterShip tracking page)
If you want to give a personalized tracking experience to different customer segments, select Use a specific page variation and select the variation of your tracking page you want to embed

Copy the iFrame code

Copy the code after selecting the tracking page URL type

Configure Permissions

a. If you want your tracking page to be hosted only on allowlisted domain(s), select Only allowlisted domains can host tracking pages using iframes and add the URLs to the allowlist
b. If you want your tracking page to be hosted on any domain, select the first option

Paste the code to the desired location in your store's code

Sample domain with iFrame code

If you have any queries, feel free to connect with our support team for quick assistance.

Updated on: 19/07/2024

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