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Image Design Tips for Branded Tracking Pages

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Enhance the design of your branded tracking pages with our image design tips. Whether you're aiming for a sleek and modern look or a vibrant and engaging style, this help guide offers a range of recommendations to help you seamlessly integrate images into your tracking updates, ensuring a cohesive and branded journey for your customers from start to finish.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we'll discuss:

How to add images in your tracking pages
Add destination URL
Recommended image assets sizes
Supported image types

How to add images in your tracking pages

Log into your AfterShip admin account
Navigate to Tracking pages > Page variations

Go to your page variant
Navigate to Tracking update section or Images or Custom section
Click Add block > Select Image
Upload the Image according to the recommended size
Upload the mobile image according to the recommended size

Add destination URL

You can add destination URL under Image to guide shoppers back to your website.

Additionally, you have the option to integrate merge tags into your destination URL. Kindly note that merge tags are only compatible with custom fields, enhancing the versatility of your destination URLs.

While you have the flexibility to upload assets of any size or resolution, we suggest adhering to the following recommended asset sizes for a visually appealing tracking experience. All these recommendations are in pixels.

Tracking update section

Images section

Regardless of the number of images added, the Images section allows for up to five uploads. Notably, the recommended and minimum sizes remain consistent regardless of the quantity of images included.

Supported image types

AfterShip editor supports JPG/JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats.

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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