AfterShip not only allows retailers to provide their customers with realistic estimated delivery times but also offers a single-window view to gain actionable insights into their shipment and delivery performance.

Without an estimated delivery date (EDD) it becomes difficult to communicate to customers when their order will be delivered.

To ease that, AfterShip users can now set the promised delivery date for their store orders. To keep track, whether the orders are getting delivered to the customers within the estimated delivery time, on-time shipment reports are calculated.

Where can you view the on-time shipment report?

Navigate to the Analytics tab in your AfterShip account and click on “on-time shipment”.
On the main on-time shipment analytics page, you can view the on-time rate of your shipments over time, late shipments, overdue shipments, and the percentage of shipments with an estimated delivery date.

Things to keep in mind when analyzing on-shipment reports,

The on-time shipment reports are calculated based courier’s estimated delivery date (EDD) and the promised delivery date (PDD) settings configured by you in your AfterShip account if EDD is not provided by the courier.
For data accuracy and efficiency all your shipments must have an estimated delivery date.
For shipments that don’t have an EDD, you would be first asked to set up the promised delivery date.

Predefined yet customizable filters to slice and dice reports,

Date range - defines the period for which the on-time shipment data needs to be reviewed.

Couriers - allows you to select the couriers for which you would like to view the shipment delivery time data.

Origin country - allows you to choose the countries from where the products are dispatched for which you want to view the on-time delivery data.

Destination country - allows you to select the countries to which the shipments are delivered for which you want to see the one-time delivery data.

Important terminologies to help you better understand on-time shipment analytics

What more should you know about the on-time shipment analytics?

This must be noted that the feature is available only for AfterShip Pro and Enterprise plan users.

Overall shipment delivery time analysis

To get the overall hang of whether your shipments are reaching the customer within the stipulated amount of time, the top bar hosts the key metrics that give you valuable insights into,

On-time rate - Percentage of shipments that are on-time out of the total no. of shipments that have the ‘first recorded delivery attempt’ and ‘estimated delivery date’(EDD).

On-time rate = On-time shipments / (Late + On-time) shipments

Late shipment(s) - see table 1.0

Overdue shipment(s) - see table 1.0

Shipments with EDD - The percentage of shipments that are recorded with an estimated delivery date out of the total number of shipments for the configured dimensions.

Shipments with EDD = Trackings with EDD / All created trackings

On-time shipments over time

The graphical representation showcasing the overall trend of your shipments' delivery performance over time

On-time status distribution

Horizontal graphic representation showcasing your on-time, late, overdue, trending on-time, and trending late shipments in a frequency distribution to display relative proportions of each one of them.

Delivery performance

The graphic representations showcasing your early, late, or on-time shipments based on the first recorded delivery attempt.

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