The first impression is the last impression. Nothing can reinforce the importance of this statement more than the confirmation emails sent by eCommerce brands after every purchase. Post-purchase customer engagement is pivotal to establishing a long-term healthy relationship with your customers and building solid brand credibility.

AfterShip allows its customers to send on-time email notifications for 7 key delivery checkpoints statuses, keeping customers in the loop of their order progress. With our new email editor, merchants can stir up a tasteful concoction of higher customer engagement, strong brand image, and delightful customer experience effortlessly and quickly via eye-catchy email updates. 

AfterShip Email Editor

Adding more customization capabilities to our standard email format, now AfterShip users can very easily edit the contents of their email updates with the email editor. Personalize your email notifications with your brand elements and,

Boost brand recognition: Edit the text, images, and CTAs of the email to match your brand style and feel.
Improve after-sales experience: Display the shipment items, price details, photos, and quantity to give customers a clear view of the items they’ve purchased in the order.
Upsell: Add images and links to other best selling products of your store to encourage customers to add more to the shopping cart.
Super-flexible drag and drop editor: Customize emails in just a few clicks without changing even a single line of coding.

Connect AfterShip to your store

Login to your AfterShip account
Connect your selling platform to AfterShip 

Enable Email Notifications

From the AfterShip admin > Go to “Notifications” > Emails and SMS
Enable/ Disable email notifications as per the requirements for different tracking events.

Customize Email Notifications

Under “Content and events” > Click “Edit” for the tracking event you want to change the email content.

📧 Customize email subject

Go to “Settings” > Remove the default email subject line and input a new one as per your requirement.

Note: All AfterShip email templates use merge tags to personalized delivery notifications sent to customers. For different email elements, you can choose merge tags that best suits your needs.

🖌️ Customize content

Under the content tab.
    Go to the “Header” block > Add store logo, store name (will display when you don’t have a store log), and destination URL.

Go to the “Image with text” block

Edit the hero image of the email body and input the destination URL
Edit the email header with clear information on the order status
Edit the description to add a snippet of the current status and location of the order
Edit the text of the track button. E.g., “Track your order”
Add the tracking link to the track button, E.g., “”
      Go to the “Text” block and give the additional information you want to add. You can also  use merge tags like

“Tracking number: |TRACKING_NUMBER|
Carrier: |COURIER|

Add Shipment Items (Shopify Only)

Go to the “Shipment items” block which will show the item details and for now only supports Shopify.

You can, 

Change the header
Change the image shape
Change the image size

Similarly, you can add more blocks like images, text links, buttons, and more!

Customize Footer 

Go to the “Footer” block > Change the footer content as per your requirement

(Default setting has ‘unsubscribe’ link)

🎨 Customize style

Go to the “Styles” tab > Edit email font style and colors

➡️ Switch edit mode from the top

With the HTML editor and Email editor both in place to help merchants customize their email updates, the notifications will be sent out based on the editor you last used. 

➡️ Send a Test Email

Before sending the final email, you can send a test email to yourself to preview how the email looks and if it needs changes. Save the changes, and you’re good to send the email. 

This is how the email notification will look like.

Get more information on the AfterShip email editor.

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