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Integrate Klaviyo With AfterShip

Integrate Klaviyo with AfterShip to form long-lasting relationships with your customers by automating the post-purchase communications. Its native integration with AfterShip enables tracking information via webhooks to be transported to Klaviyo in real-time, thereby automating a series of emails with shipping data.

“In a nutshell, as soon as the delivery status changes in AfterShip, Klaviyo adds the change and the tracking number to the customer profile, making it easier to trigger follow-up and drip campaigns.”

What Data Syncs from AfterShip to Klaviyo?

Customer order ID
Shipment tracking code
Shipping events - In Transit, Shipped, Available for Pickup, Failed Attempt, Exception, Out for Delivery, and Delivered.

Generate AfterShip API Key for Klaviyo

Go to AfterShip API Settings
Click Generate API Key. Name it "Klaviyo” for clarity. Click Generate API Key again. Copy the ”Klaviyo” API Key from the dashboard.

Connect Klaviyo to AfterShip

Login to your Klaviyo account or signup if you haven’t yet.
Go to the Integrations tab > Find AfterShip under All Integrations >Click Add Integration.

Under the Integration settings > Paste the AfterShip API Key in the API Key field > Select Connect to AfterShip.
Your AfterShip account is now successfully connected to Klaviyo.

Refresh the page and from the Setting Up the AfterShip Webhook section, copy the Webhook URL and go back to AfterShip.

Setup the AfterShip Webhook URL

Go to AfterShip Notifications

Scroll down to the Webhooks section > Click on Add webhook URL.

Paste the webhook URL you copied from Klaviyo here > Click Save.

Go to the Events section > Select All events to send all the shipping events and order statuses from AfterShip to Klaviyo. In case you have some particulars in mind, click on the radio button given for 'Specific events' and make your preferred selections

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Updated on: 01/06/2022

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