In today’s customer-centric era, sending accurate and swift order updates is paramount to keep shoppers content with your brand. The importance of shipment notifications shouldn’t be taken for granted because it is one of those key factors that decide whether you’ll have more brand advocates or detractors.

AfterShip now allows its users to send ‘In transit’ SMS notifications for free (no strings attached 😊). It brings two-fold advantages: ‘Builds strong customer relationships’ and ‘Reduces customer support requests significantly.’

Key benefits of sending SMS notification are:

Higher open rate: SMS notifications ensure a whopping open rate of 98%, which is far better than email notifications (20%).
No reliance on the internet: SMS notifications don’t rely on the internet, and that makes them faster as compared to the email ones.
Establishes the bond of trust: Smartphones are one of the favorite devices of people these days. Sending order notifications via SMS shows how much your brand cares about customers, and that builds a strong bond of trust and results in a long-lasting relationship.
Makes your brand unique: Most of the e-commerce brands push email notifications to update customers about their order’s whereabouts, no matter how low their email open rate is. With SMS notifications, you can stand out from the crowd and represent your brand as a unique one.

Connect AfterShip to your store

Login to your AfterShip account
Connect your selling platform to AfterShip

Enable Free 'In transit' SMS Notifications

From the AfterShip admin > Go to “Notifications” > Emails and SMS
Click on the ‘Enable SMS’ button of the ‘IN TRANSIT’ section to send free text notifications to your customers.

Customize SMS notifications

Click on ‘Edit’ if you want to customize in-transit SMS notifications.

Note: Customization isn’t allowed for free SMS notifications. So, choose one of our budget-friendly SMS paid plans as per your business requirement and send your customers personalized messages right away!

Choose ‘Customize template’ and enter desired information in the ‘Content’ field.

Hit the ‘Save’ button to finalize your SMS template.

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