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Learn About Claim Status Definitions


The claim status is an integral part of the resolution process as it shows the current state of the claim filed by a customer and helps keep both the customer and merchant informed regarding the settlement.

Claim Status Definitions

AfterShip Protection utilizes a system of 8 distinct claim statuses, each serving a unique purpose in the resolution process:

UnsubmittedThe customer has submitted the claim to the merchant, but it hasn't been submitted to the insurance company.
SubmittedThe claim has entered into the insurance company's claims management system and awaiting review.
Awaiting documentsThe insurance company seeks additional documents (e.g., Invoice, photos) to process the claim.
Under reviewThe claim is being officially examined and/or requires further investigation.
ApprovedThe claim has been approved and submitted for payment processing.
PaidThe insurance company has made the payment against the claim, and the said amount will be paid to the merchant by AfterShip Protection at the beginning of next month.
ClosedThe claim has been reviewed and closed for various reasons.
DeniedThe insurance company has denied the claim.

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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