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AfterShip Tracking gives you complete control over your Account and Organization level settings to help simplify the account setup and organization(s) management process subject to roles and the level of access each role accompanies and grants over respective organizations you are a part of.

Giving a more panoramic reign over organization management that overlooks and allows a more aggregated view of the organizations, the AfterShip Company console enables senior-level personnel to have a comprehensive view of all the organizations a company is currently overlooking, down to members, billings, quotas, and AfterShip pre and post-purchase product-wise data.

How is AfterShip’s Company console of importance to merchants?

AfterShip’s Enterprise customer segment operates on a multi-store, country, and industry level. They are the big players in the market with a presence in some of the biggest industries. They cater to a much larger market and offer services in multiple areas and categories with online stores dedicated to a unique business category.

For example, Company ABC Ltd. has a presence in both the Sports and Fitness and Home and Garden industries with an online store catering to US and Asian customers, respectively.

Whilst using AfterShip for their pre and post-purchase needs, ABC Ltd needs to set up individual organizations on AfterShip for each store and operate them separately. Each organization is governed by registered invitation-only members based on the designed roles within the AfterShip landscape. However, it is a hassle when the need to have a more zoomed-out view of the organization occurs. Allowing the top-tier officials of ABC Ltd. to centrally manage all the Organizations for data viewing, analysis, and unified feature configuration, we support the ability to manage multiple Organizations at the company level under AfterShip Company, allowing merchants to group subsidiaries (Organizations) under the parent company (Company).

What you'll learn

In this article, we will discuss:

Onboarding process
Roles and permissions
How to access company admin?
How to manage organizations linked to a company?
How to manage members linked to a company?
How to manage the billing of the company?

Onboarding process

AfterShip Company console is limited to the Enterprise plan customers and is set up and configured upon the customer’s request.

The customer can contact their dedicated AfterShip account managers to request the Company console configuration.
The customer signs the Sales Order and purchases an active Company pricing plan detailing the Organization quota and Member seats allowed per Company.

Currently, customers are allowed only 1 Company per Enterprise account and an unlimited number of Organizations under a single Company. (Subject to change upon the introduction of the Company plan)

Once the Sales order is signed and the Company plan activated, we will open the Company console for the customer and associate the requested organizations with it.
When the customers log in to the AfterShip Company admin, they will see the Company and the associated organizations fully set up and ready to be nicked and pricked.

Roles and permissions

Company Owner1) Only 1 per Company
2) All permissions, including management of the company, organization members and billing, and access to all product data
Company Admin1) Management of the company, organization members, and billing, and access to all product data
2) No limit to adding and assigning admins roles to the members
Company Member1) Access to all product data
2) No permission to add members to the company

Custom roles are not supported under Company Management yet

How to access company admin?

Log in to your AfterShip Company account

From the top right corner, click the Company icon to open the navigation to the current company and the associated organizations your account has access (permission) to manage or view (based on your role)

Click on Manage Company to access the Products page of your company admin. Click Open of each product card to view consolidated data of all Organizations.

By default, consolidated data of Shipments will display. You can switch between Shipments, Analytics, and Protection data to view the report you want

You can select organizations for which you want to view the aggregated data

You can filter and sort data for a more granular view and understanding of the shipments, claims and coverage, and shipping, carrier, and transit time performance

Additional considerations

There can be n number of organizations associated with a company but you can only access the ones you have permission to manage and view per your Organization roles and permissions. Only owners and admins have permission to view organizations. The members can only view the combined data of all the organizations they have access to at a company level on the Company console.

Company Admins, if they want to have access to more organizations and their Tracking accounts under a company, they need to get in touch with the Company Owner/Admin to grant them access to the organizations they want and assign a role based on the requirements.

Company Admins cannot update their organization roles and permissions, only the Company owner can do that.

How to manage organizations linked to a company?

Company Owners and Admins can manage and view organizations linked to a Company.

From the top right corner, click the Company icon to expand the navigation and select Manage company
From the side menu, click Organizations to view the dashboard listed with all the organizations linked to the current Company you are accessing.

With each organization you can find the org ID, owner, and the date and time when it was created
Input the organization name and ID in the search bar to search for a specific organization effortlessly
To link more organizations to the company, you need to reach out to our support team for assistance

How to manage members linked to a company?

Important considerations

Company Owners and Admins can manage, edit, and view members and their respective roles linked with a Company and associated organizations
Owner and existing admin roles (company and organization) cannot be edited or modified by Company Admins
Admin roles on a company level can be modified only by the Company owner
Company Owners/ Admins can assign company roles to existing/new members. These are the people who only have organization-level access but no company-level permissions
Company Owner/ Admins can also assign additional or new organization roles to new or existing members of the company with existing organization roles linked to it

1. Manage company members

From the top right corner, click the Company icon to expand the navigation and select Manage company

From the side menu, click Members to view the dashboard listed with all the members on a company and organization level

Members with a Company role will have the role defined under the Company role column
Members with no Company role will have a (-) sign under the Company role column
View the status of the members under the Status column along with when they were added to the company

Filter down the list by roles on the Company and Organization level by applying the right filters

2. Edit Members

Click Edit given against the members of the company and organizations

The name of the member will be given at the top along with the registered email ID
Assign the level of access you wish to grant the member(s) at the company level
Assign the level of access you wish to grant the member(s) at the organization level

- Click Add role to assign roles for different organizations
- Choose the organization from the drop-down list and simultaneously choose the organization-level access

Please ensure the status is set to enabled to activate both the company and organization-level access, or either of them

Click Remove from the bottom left corner to delete the member from the company and the associated organizations. The member will lose their access and permissions from all the places at both levels.

3. Add members

Click Add member from the top of the Members dashboard
Enter the email address of the member you want to invite at the company or organization level

You can enter multiple emails separated by a comma to send bulk invites

Select the Company role, Organizational role, or both to assign the level of access you want to each member
An invitation email to new members with a link to set up their AfterShip account will be sent

The member name will display on the dashboard with the status Pending until the member accepts the invite and log in/ sign up using their email address on AfterShip

The status will update to Active, once the members set up their AfterShip account

4. Roles analysis

Get a detailed understanding of all the roles at a company and organization level and the level of access each role carries by switching to the Roles tab on the Members dashboard.

How to manage the billing of the company?

Company Owners and Admins can manage the billing of the company

From the top right corner, click the Company icon to expand the navigation and select Manage company
From the side menu, click Billing to view Enterprise plan data at the company level

a. Under Quotas, you will see the combined subscription quotas purchased on a company level of all products like Shipments, Returns, Emails, SMS, etc., and how much has been utilized so far
b. If the quota is exceeded, the usage will be shown in red

Below that Sales Order information will be displayed along with the Sales order ID, when it was purchased, status, and when it will be renewed

Click View details to have a more detailed view of the sales order and granularities of it

Let’s understand each element of the sales order in depth

Primary information
Sales order IDSales order unique IDSO-SG02-20221117-269
StatusThe current status of the sales order. It was one of the following depending upon its nature. Pending Signature, Pending active, Active, Canceled, Suspended, Pending Suspend, and Expired.Active
Sales order periodThe active period of the sales order or the period till when this sales order is valid.May 1, 2023 UTC → Apr 30, 2024 UTC
Renewal dateIt indicates when the SO is next up for renewal.Apr 30, 2024 UTC
Billing emailThe customer's registered point of contact where the billing information will be sent. There may be more than one billing email which will be displayed separated by
Quota cycleThe quota usage period means how often the quota will be refreshed to the original number. For example, every 12 months means the quota will be updated every 12 months.Every 12 months
Billing cycleIt indicates how often the prepayment will be deducted from the added payment method. For example, every 12 months means that an advance payment will be required every 12 months for the services to continue.Every 12 months
Payment termsHow many days after the invoice is issued does the customer need to pay.Net 15 days
Item nameName of the item (AfterShip product plan) purchased by the customer.Enterprise Account Advanced Member Seat
ProductWhether the current item contains a specific AfterShip product subscription, and if so, the subscribed products are displayed.Tracking
QuotaWhether the current entry contains a quota subscription (Shipment), and if so, the quota amount is displayed.40
QuantityThe number of current items (product plans) purchased.1
AmountThe total amount of the current item(s) excluding tax.$1,200
Tax rateTax rates levied on the current item.0%
Total (includes tax)The total tax-inclusive amount of the current item.$1,200
MemoAny additional information related to the current item.Waived 30 seats
Invoice numberA unique, sequential code that is systematically assigned to invoicesIN-US01-202401-100088
Invoice statusCurrent status of invoices generated so farOpen
Invoice periodThe period for which advanced payment of the annual services is required as set out in the sales orderFeb 6, 2024, 00:00 UTC → May 5, 2024, 00:00 UTC
Invoice typeInvoice types include both prepaid and postpaid and can labeled as Pre-paid contract invoice or Usage invoicePre-paid contract invoice
Invoice total amount (includes tax)The total amount of the invoice including taxUS$8,440.38

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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