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Learn About Internal Notifications to Organization Members

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AfterShip Tracking’s Organization Notifications feature allows you to align important business updates and exceptional situations with other organization (account) members by sending them weekly and time-sensitive emails and alerts. You can also manage who you want to send these notifications and alerts to by selecting specific registered members for particular notifications.

Additional considerations

Only owners and admins can enable/disable notifications
Only owners and admins can edit member configuration
Managers, support agents, and other members can only view notifications

Set up internal notifications

Go to Organization admin and select AfterShip Tracking
Move to Notifications > Tracking

Enable or disable notifications as per your business requirements by shifting the toggle to the right/left

Notifications are enabled by default.

Click Manage. A complete list of all your organization members (owner and admins) will be displayed. Search the member by name or email address, or just select the checkbox of the desired member and hit Confirm

Multiple selections are supported

Under the General category, you get two notification types

a. Auto-correction performance: An email notification with the weekly performance on your carrier auto-correction will be sent to the members you select.

b. API updates: An email notification will be sent whenever new API versions and updates become available.

Under the Issues and alerts category, you get two notification types

a. Custom domain expired: A notification will be sent when the custom domain you use for your tracking page expires. An initial alert is triggered upon detection of domain expiration. Subsequently, a second email arrives after 7 days if expiration persists within the same timeframe, followed by a third email in an additional 7 days. A maximum of 3 emails will be dispatched.|||

b. Webhook results failed: A notification will be sent when a webhook delivery fails.

Supported plans

Auto-correction performance internal notification is only available for Premium, Enterprise advanced, and API advanced plan users.

API updates, Custom domain expired, and Webhook results failed notifications are available for all plan users.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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