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Learn About Tracking Page Templates

What are AfterShip tracking page templates?

Implementing a new branded tracking page and your first post-purchase communications journey with AfterShip is easily accomplishable. The introduction of Tracking Page Templates will make launching your on-brand tracking page effortless. Tracking Page Templates are pre-built layouts comprising blocks and sections that host a uniform and organized aesthetic, embedded with pre-configured layouts, style elements, and features. These templates allows you to leverage designs that meet your feature requirements or resonates with your brand’s style. Subsequently, you can tailor them to convey customized information to your customers to drive unparalleled engagement and increased conversions.

How will these templates help you?

Prebuilt templates for branded tracking pages offer several benefits:

Consistent branding: Ensure consistent brand communication across all customer touchpoints with professionally-designed and user-centric templates that reflect your brand style.
Customization options: Pre-built templates offer multitude of customization options that embody unique branding elements, messages and features that meet your business requirements.
Easy to use: Templates are user-friendly and allow easy customization capabilities without advanced design skills or technical expertise.
Time-efficient: With pre-built templates, there is no need to design tracking pages from scratch, saving valuable time and resources.
Better customer experience: Predefined structures and style features allows for better display of tracking information that is clear, organized, and visually appealing, enhancing the overall customer experience and satisfaction.
Flexibility: You can choose from multiple templates tailored to different tracking page layouts, functions and industries, providing flexibility to meet your specific business needs.
Professional look: Use professionally designed industry tailored templates that give your tracking pages a nice professional look that improves customer perception of your brand.

What types of templates does AfterShip offer?

Industry-specific templates

Currently, our template recommendations are tailored to specific industries (listed below), taking into account their typical style and post-purchase services. We are continuously working to expand our coverage across various sectors.

Fashion & Accessories
Beauty & Personal Care
Home & Garden
Computers & Consumer Electronics
Sports & Fitness
Toys Games & Hobbies

The majority of templates include the following post-purchase service elements, which are supported across all industries:

Visual storytelling
Editorial content
Shipping visibility
Order visibility
Customer support

However, for specific industries, there are unique post-purchase elements supported in the template.

IndustryPost-purchase elementsDefinition
Fashion and AccessoriesFast delivery, Quick return & exchange, SocialPost-purchase service may include easy returns or exchanges for clothing that doesn't fit, personalized styling recommendations, and assistance with alterations or repairs. Highlight the shipped date and estimated delivery date to manage customer expectations and provide transparency regarding the order fulfillment process.
Beauty and Personal CareFast delivery, Guidance on product usage, Quick return & exchange, SocialPost-purchase service may include consultations or advice on product usage, samples or trial sizes to try before committing to full-size products, and support for returns or exchanges due to allergies or sensitivities.
Computers and Consumer ElectronicsClaim for damage, Guidance on assembly, In-store pickups, Installation services, Quick return & exchange, Warranties termsPost-purchase service often involves technical support for troubleshooting or product setup, warranty coverage, assistance with software or firmware updates, and returns or exchanges for defective items.
Home and GardenClaim for damage, Guidance on assembly, Installation services, Warranties termsPost-purchase service often involves delivery and installation services for larger items like furniture or appliances. It may also include guidance on assembly, warranties for products, and customer support for any issues encountered.
Sports and FitnessClaim for damage, Guidance on assembly, Installation services, Warranties termsPost-purchase service may include product assembly or setup assistance, guidance on using fitness equipment, access to training materials or workout plans, and customer support for troubleshooting or warranty claims.
Toys Games and HobbiesGuidance on assembly, Quick return & exchange, Spare part availabilityPost-purchase service can include product assembly guides, replacement parts availability, troubleshooting support for technical toys or games, and assistance with returns or refunds for defective items.

Important information

Legacy themes are not supported anymore though existing customers using these themes can still make edits to their tracking pages with the standard editor within the tracking page modal.
Existing customers can use templates and create tracking pages based on their pricing plan and tracking page quota.

Customers on Free and Essentials plan with 1 tracking page quota and currently have a theme-based tracking page implemented and running, will not be able to create new tracking pages from scratch or using templates and themes because of quota limitation and would first require to upgrade their plan.
Customers on Pro and above plans can use their existing theme-based pages and create new pages from scratch or using templates and themes within the limit of their plan quota. Additionally, they can switch between existing theme-based pages, manually created pages, and template-based pages to make one their default tracking page.

New customers can only use templates to create new tracking pages.

Customers on Free and Essentials plans with 1 tracking page quota will only be able to create a single tracking page from scratch or using one of the pre-built templates which will be their default tracking page. Creating additional pages would first require upgrading their plan.
Customers on Pro and above plans can build multiple tracking pages based on their quota and have the option to switch between pages to make one their default tracking page.

Updated on: 18/07/2024

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