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Locate Slug for a Carrier

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AfterShip identifies each carrier by a unique code known as carrier slug. It is one of the parameters that is passed when you use the CSV upload or AfterShip API.

Download the Carrier list

Visit this link to easily download and discover the carrier slug for a particular carrier.

Find the carrier slug from the URL

Search for the carrier by name and select the desired carrier icon.
Check the URL to pinpoint the carrier slug.

For example if the URL is, then Slug will be dhl.

Locate your account-specific API slug

For an optimized tracking experience, utilize the account-specific slug if you have a carrier shipper account. Find the supported account-specific carrier list here.

Visit here to explore more about account-specific API connection.

If you need any assistance, please connect with our chat support team.

Updated on: 13/12/2023

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