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Manage AfterShip Payment Details


If you are on AfterShip Tracking paid plan, you can access your invoice(s) and update the existing payment method. Please note that updating the existing payment method, in no manner, will affect your current shipments or existing shipment quota.

What you’ll learn

Update payment method
Invoice management
Estimated cost of the current billing cycle
Receive receipt on your email ID

Update payment method

Log in to your AfterShip Tracking account
Navigate to the Billing section under Organization settings
Click Update payment method
Enter the card details and click Save

Invoice management

You can easily check the total number of invoices issued to you directly from the Billing section under the Organization settings. It prevents payment-related quarrels and fosters a long-lasting relationship.

You can see the invoice ID.
You can see the status of the invoice and the amount paid.
Upon clicking the invoice log, you will be taken to the detailed invoice page with all the information related to the amount you paid for an AfterShip product, taxes, and discount.

You can download the invoices in PDF format, if required. It allows you to maintain your personal record of expenses. Click the downward arrow button or on the detailed invoice page, select Download as PDF.

Estimated cost of the current billing cycle

You can also check what cost you will have to pay after the completion of the billing cycle. AfterShip Tracking shows you the estimated billing cost on its dashboard so that you have complete clarity regarding your bills.

Receive receipt on your email ID

Once the payment is made, the receipt will be sent to the email address registered with your AfterShip account. To receive it on additional email addresses, mail us at

If you still have some questions, get in touch with our chat support team

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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