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My Package Seems to Be Missing

If your package is marked delivered, but you haven't received it yet, then it might have been accepted by your neighbors or security guard. It is also possible that your package is marked delivered by mistake. However, if delayed order updates are the reason for your worry, these may be the reasons.

Reasons why there may be no update on packages

Delivery time varies a lot, depending on the service type the courier has chosen
Depending on the destination, the delivery may sometimes get delayed. For packages coming from overseas (other countries), it is safe to assume a high delivery time
The delivery of your parcel may be on hold due to mistakes in customs declarations

What should you do?

Request your courier or shipping company to let you know the status of your package
Ask your shipper or seller about the used service type and estimated delivery date

You can easily get courier contact information from AfterShip’s website. In case you don’t have the tracking number or are not sure about which courier or shipping company is handling your package, please reach out to your seller or shipper to obtain this information.

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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