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Reconnect AfterShip to Your eBay Store


Follow below steps to re-establish connection between AfterShip and your eBay store:

1. Remove invalid connection in AfterShip

a. Log into your AfterShip account > apps  > eBay
b. Remove the invalid connection by clicking the 'X' icon.

2. Unsubscribe AfterShip app in eBay app store

a. Log into eBay > Account Settings  > Application

b. Find the AfterShip app then click Other actions  > Unsubscribe.

3. Reconnect AfterShip

a. Log into your AfterShip account. > apps  > eBay
b. Click Connect to eBay

If you set this up correctly, you should see a green tick icon of your eBay connection after your AfterShip account.

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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