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Set Up Ship-from Locations

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AfterShip Tracking allows you to set up and manage the locations you fulfill and ship orders from.

Steps to set-up Ship-from locations

Log into your AfterShip Tracking admin dashboard
Go to Settings > Ship-from locations

Click Select locations to add the location of your choice

Please note that only activated locations can be added to the list. If you cannot find the location you want to add. Go to Organization to activate or create new locations.

Once done, the selected location will be added to the list.
Click Set as default to set it as your default ship-from location

Please note that the default ship-from location is picked directly in case your ship-from location is missing.

Additional information

If you see an error message under the location, it means you are missing some necessary settings for the location, you can click on the link displayed in the error message to finish setup.

In order to set a location as your default ship-from location, you need to enter a valid address and processing time.

You can choose to remove the location that is no longer required by clicking on the Remove button.

Please note that removing a location will result in location-related setups turning invalid.

In case you need any further assistance, please contact our support team.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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