AfterShip users can send the shipment notifications via sms to their customers. End-users receive the sms notifications on their registered phone numbers.

Make sure to input the "+" sign together with the country code, area code and phone number. AfterShip follows phone number format rule: E.164 (

Enable SMS notifications

Go to settings > notifications
Enable sms notifications as per the requirement.

AfterShip Default SMS Notifications

The default template for AfterShip tracking update notifications for different delivery checkpoints are as follows,

Info Received

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is about to ship. |TRACKING_URL|

In Transit

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is now in transit. |TRACKING_URL|

Out For Devliery

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is out for delivery today! |TRACKING_URL|

Available For Pickup

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is available for pickup! |TRACKING_URL|||


|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is delivered! |TRACKING_URL|


|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| has a delivery exception. |TRACKING_URL|

Failed Attempt

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| has a failed delivery attempt. |TRACKING_URL|
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