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Add Share Button to Branded Tracking Page to Enable Gift Tracking

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As much as customers are eager to have their orders delivered to their doorsteps, the same can be said for customers about to receive those orders as gifts. Extending this tracking capability to gift recipients alike, AfterShip Tracking’s Share Button widget allows your customers to share the tracking page link of the order with the person for whom they have purchased the item. This two-way tracking transparency will allow both the customer and the gift recipient to be on the same page regarding where the order’s current location is or when to expect it.

Write a message: Customers can send a message, for example, ‘Happy Birthday’ along with the tracking link to make their intentions known regarding the gift.

Show/hide gift details: Customers can choose whether or not to show all the item details when sharing the tracking page to maintain the element of surprise.

Multi-channel link sharing: Customers can share the gift-tracking link with the recipients via SMS, email, Airdrop, and more to actively track.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Enable share button
Set up the gift tracking page
Additional considerations
Customer experience


You are required to enable the gift tracking Share button on your branded tracking results page from the tracking page editor and move forward with the gift tracking page setup just like your existing tracking page.

Enable gift tracking

Navigate to Tracking pages in your AfterShip Tracking admin
Click on Page variations and select a page variant for which you want to enable the share button
Click on the {...} icon and select Edit
Select Shipments from the Pages dropdown
On the side panel, move to Widgets > + Add widgets > Gift tracking
On the gift tracking editor, configure where and how the share button will appear to the customers on the branded tracking results page

a. Button icon: Use the default icon or replace the icon with your choice of image

The icon should be 32 x 32 pixels in dimensions.
The icon should be 100 KB(max) in size
The supported formats for the icon are JPG/JPEG and PNG
The reset image option will remove all the formatting you've applied to the selected picture and reset it to the default version

b. Button text: Input the text for the button your customers will see on the tracking page.
c. Button position: Select the position of the button on the page by choosing any one of the four dots representing the four corners of the page.

The selected position will automatically turn blue and you can verify the same on the live preview page

d. Share popup: Upon clicking the share button a popup will open where customers can preview the recipient tracking page and copy the page link.

Popup title and button: Configure the title of the popup and the button text
The popup also allows customers to hide/show the order details (item title and prices)

e. Gift tracking page: This is the page the customers will share with the gift recipients to allow them to actively track the order they are about to receive as a gift. You can Edit the page for your customers and customize the information the customers will share and the recipients will receive.

The page allows you to set up a unique and personalized tracking experience for the gift receivers and tailor the information to meet their needs

Set up the gift tracking page

Click Edit page on the Gift tracking editor to access the gift tracking page editor

The header and footer of the entire tracking experience remain the same and consistent with the gift tracking experience. The edits you will make for the header and footer whilst on the gift tracking page editor will reflect across all standard branded tracking pages (order lookup and tracking results page).

The gift tracking page mostly follows the same layout as the normal branded tracking page. However, there are certain sections dedicated solely to the gift tracking page you can customize as per your needs.

Gift card: The tracking updates section, by default, features the gift card and the compact tracking info section.

Upto three sections can be added to the compact tracking info section. If you wish to remove the default sections, you can do so, and in their stead add the sections of your choice.

The gift card section is a unique section available only for the gift tracking page, making it an essential element of the entire experience to mimic it as a gift to the person you are sharing the link with.

Under the gift tracking Settings section you can,

a. Edit the background of the gift card section
b. Edit the style and layout of the gift card including, the card ratio and color/ image, based on your preference
c. Choose whether you want your brand logo on the gift card, add the logo, and configure its position on the gift card

d. Select whether you want to allow customers to add a message to the gift card. This message will display as soon as the receiver opens the shared tracking link

Click Save once done

Under the gift tracking Style section you can,

a. Set the color of the gift card's background and border. You can also ascertain the width of the gift card.
b. If you want shadow around the gift card, configure the color of the shadow and the thickness and intensity of the blurness of the shadow.
c. Decide the shape of the gift card and accordingly configure its corner radius.
d. Configure the font and size of the card message the gift receiver will receive.

As for the rest of the tracking page, you can edit the tracking updates and compact tracking info sections, marketing assets, and product recommendations based on your end goal. The process is entirely similar to how you set up a standard branding tracking page.

Tracking updates

Compact tracking info

You can get more information on customizing the branding tracking page here .

Additional considerations

If you have your branded tracking page embedded on Shopify using a proxy URL and the customer is picking the gift tracking link from the proxy URL setup, the gift recipient will be directed to the gift tracking page in the proxy URL setup only.

If you have your branded tracking page embedded on your online store using an iframe code, ensure that your gift tracking page’s header and footer are duly configured as it will be picked up from the iframe code set up with the URL hosted and secured by AfterShip Tracking.

Customer experience



If the buyer is accessing the tracking page from the email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (if applicable), order history page, or any other page from your website, where the order number and email address are already validated, this is what the customer experience would be like.

Customer visits the tracking results page
Customer clicks on the Share button
Customer edits the gift card message. This action will be visible only when the following conditions are met.

The merchant has set up the gift card block under the tracking updates section of the gift card tracking editor
The merchant has enabled the Allow customers to add a card message under the gift card block

Customer selects whether they want to show or hide the item details and prices. This action will be visible only when the following conditions are met.

The merchant has enabled Show shipment items under Items and related shipments in the Compact tracking info block under the tracking updates section
The merchant has set up the Items section on the gift tracking results page to show customers what’s inside the order
The merchant has set up the Other shipments in order section on the gift tracking results page, applicable if one order has multiple shipments
If the buyer is accessing the tracking page with a Tracking number or when the URL of the tracking page is pre-set with the Tracking number parameter, the customer’s verification of the phone number or email address will be necessary to share the tracking information with the product information visible to meet AfterShip’s privacy regulations.

To eliminate this step and offer the best gift-tracking experience to your customers:

Use "ORDER_URL" instead of the "TRACKING_URL" merge tag to direct your shoppers to the tracking page
Make sure you set up your page URL with parameters pre-set with order number and email address by following the below pattern on your email or webpage: https://{domain}/order-status?order-number={ordernumber}&email={email}

Customer copies the page link and shares the omnichannel tracking link via SMS, email, and Airdrop with the gift receiver
The gift receiver opens the shared gift tracking link to track the gift order


Updated on: 11/07/2024

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