Upload a CSV file to import shipments in bulk or pass us a ftp link and AfterShip will automatically download the CSV file at the time you specify. Download a CSV file sample

How to upload CSV

Go to "Track" page and then select the CSV file. Remember duplicate tracking numbers or tracking numbers that are not supported by AfterShip will not be imported to your AfterShip account.

Setup CSV Auto-Fetch

Log in your AfterShip account and Go to Shipments

Click on CSV import to see the CSV Auto Fetch option

Once you click on the CSV Auto Fetch option, you will be asked to set the import rule.

For the same, you need to pass an HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or SFTP link that points directly to the CSV file you want AfterShip to download at the time you specify. If the URL is password protected, please also fill in the username and password. With this, you can simply update the CSV file at the URL you specify, and AfterShip will automatically download the file and import the shipments.

Click Save to finish the procedure

How to fill in CSV file

tracking_number : tracking number of the shipment (the only compulsory field)
courier : the aftership built-in slugs for supporting couriers. If leaving it blank, AfterShip will automatically detect the courier based on tracking number format, and courier priority at your account.
title Title of shipment. Can be added in the notification message using  *|TITLE|*
order_id : Can be added in the notification message using  *|ORDER_ID|*
order_path : Can be added in the notification message using  *|ORDER_PATH|*
customer_name : Can be added in the notification message using *|CUSTOMER_NAME|*
email : enter if you would like to send out delivery notifications. Use comma for multiple emails.
phone : please enter  +  followed by the area code and phone number. Use comma for multiple phones.
destination_country Enter iso3 three-letter or 2-letter country code or country names (e.g. United States) for Destination Tracking.


Only  tracking_number  is the only compulsory field, but suggest to input  courier to ensure more accurate tracking.

Please remember to keep the header untouched.

If you are using excel for editing the CSV, please make sure you change format of the cells into text before editing, otherwise, the tracking number will be truncated or the phone number "+" sign will be identified as a formula.

Remember to save the file as a CSV.

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