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How long will it take for my parcel to be delivered?

AfterShip Tracking facilitates package tracking and has nothing to do with the physical delivery of the shipment. It fetches data from the carrier and displays the same information to you. We only show the estimated delivery date if it is provided by the carrier or the merchant has configured the post-purchase delivery date estimation in their AfterShip admin.

Please note that only a few carriers provide an estimated delivery date.

What should you do to get the expected delivery rate?

Check your order confirmation and shipment update emails to see if your seller or carrier has provided any estimated delivery date for your package.
Get in touch with your carrier or shipping company. You can get carrier contact information from AfterShip’s website.
Track your package easily on the AfterShip public tracking page. Input the valid tracking number and carrier. Get the location and estimated date of arrival of your package.

If there is no estimated delivery date from your carrier or your seller is not using AfterShip's post-purchase delivery date estimation feature, no estimated delivery date will be shown.

If you don't know the tracking number or are unsure about which carrier or shipping company is taking care of your package, connect with the seller or shipper to acquire the required details.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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