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Where Is My Package?

Reach out to your carrier or shipping company to get the details on the whereabouts of your package. You can get courier contact information from AfterShip’s website.

Here at AfterShip, we provide the best shipment tracking service for thousands of brands and online retailers. We are not the shipping company or carrier that handles the actual delivery of your order. We are a shipment tracking platform that gets the tracking updates from the courier and shows it to you on our software.

Reasons for not getting updates on packages

Delivery time varies depending on the shipping service type the carrier has opted for.
Depending on the destination, the delivery may sometimes get delayed. For packages coming from overseas (other countries), it is safe to assume that delivery may take longer than usual.
Delivery may get held up due to a delay in completing customs declarations.

My package seems to be missing

If your package is marked delivered, but you haven't received it yet, then it might have been accepted by your neighbours or security guard. It is also possible that your package is marked delivered by mistake. However, if delayed order updates are the reason for your worry, the aforementioned reasons may be the cause.

What to do if there is no update on your package for long?

Reach out and request your carrier or shipping company to check the status of your package.
Ask your shipper or seller about the shipping service type and expected delivery time.

You can easily get carrier contact information from AfterShip’s website. In case you don’t have the tracking number or are not sure about which carrier or shipping company is handling your package, please reach out to your seller or shipper to obtain the required information.

Where to find carrier contact details?

For any order status related queries and concerns, you can contact the carrier service directly through their website or customer service contact information. You can find the contact details of our partner carriers by visiting the

Carrier list page

Go to Carriers list page on AfterShip website.
Select a carrier from the list or search for the carrier you want. Click on it to open its details page. You can find the carrier website and customer service contact information below the carrier introduction.

AfterShip public tracking page

Go to AfterShip's public tracking page directly, insert the tracking number, select the carrier or let AfterShip's auto-detection feature suggest the carrier and get the tracking details of your package. You will see the Contact option below the tracking updates. Click on it to open a small popup with the carrier contact details.

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Updated on: 02/04/2024

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