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How to Change the Carrier Pickup Point?

AfterShip Tracking is a post-purchase solution that gets the tracking updates from the carrier and shows them to you on our software. Having said that, AfterShip is only limited to making shipment tracking easier. We are not the shipping company or courier that handles the actual delivery of your order. This signifies that you have to contact the carrier company if you want to change the pickup point.

Change the pickup point

Call your carrier company’s local office or call their global customer support service to confirm the pickup location. You can get carrier contact information from AfterShip’s website

Locate carrier contact details

For any order status, location, or delivery related queries and concerns, you can contact the carrier service directly through their website or customer service contact information. You can find the contact details of our partner carriers by visiting the

1. Carrier list page

Go to Carriers list page on AfterShip website.
Select a carrier from the list or search for the carrier you want. Click on it to open its details page. You can find the carrier website and customer service contact information below the carrier introduction.

2. AfterShip public tracking page

Go to AfterShip's public tracking page directly, insert the tracking number, select the carrier or let AfterShip's auto-detection feature suggest the carrier and get the tracking details of your package. You will see the Contact option below the tracking updates. Click on it to open a small popup with the carrier contact details.

In case your carrier company does not have an office in your city, visit their tie-up company. For example, the delivery of China EMS (ePacket) shipments gets handled by USPS, once they reach the USA. Thus, customers can visit the nearest USPS office to collect their packages.

In order to obtain the tracking number or learn about which carrier or shipping company is handling your package, you have to contact your seller/shipper.

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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