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How to Get the Best of the Sake Tracking Page Theme

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Elevate your customers' post-purchase experience with a tracking page that not only informs but engages. Our Sake theme helps you seamlessly customize your tracking pages, move sections, harness the power of column layouts, etc.

This article will help you discover how you can effortlessly harness the full potential of the Sake tracking page theme.

What you’ll learn

How to change the tracking page theme
How to use columns
How to add, remove, and manage sections

Note: Only the Admin, Owner, and Manager, having edit access to the branded page editor, can access the Sake theme.

The legacy version of Sake is only available for historical accounts and comes with limited customization options. If you use the Sake (Legacy) theme, we recommend switching to Sake to enjoy more widgets and customization options.

How to change the tracking page theme

If you want to change the theme of a tracking page, you are free to do so with all contents/assets migrated to the new themes. To change the theme:

Navigate to the concerned tracking page
Click Theme > select the destination theme
Hit Confirm and click Save

Once saved, your new theme will be active on your tracking page.

How to use columns

Navigate to the concerned tracking page
Choose Content

From the Columns tab, you can choose your preferred block from: Tracking, Subscription, Shipment review, Image, Instagram feed
To remove a block from the column, just go to the concerned block and click Remove block

Note: Please note that you can add a maximum of 5 blocks to the column. If you have reached the limit, you need to remove a block to add another block.

How to add, remove, and manage sections

Enter the tracking page where you want to add the sections
Navigate to Content > Click Add section

Select the section that you want to add - Tracking, Shipment review, Shipment items, Other shipments in order, Images, Product recommendation, Instagram, Subscription

Sections typeDescription
TrackingDisplay tracking number, routes, progress, ETA, carrier info, etc.
Shipment reviewCollect customer’s delivery experience
Shipment itemsDisplay the product items associated with the tracking number
Other shipments in orderDisplay the tracking numbers associated with the order and direct visitors to the destination tracking page
ImagesDisplay images with URLs where you want to direct your page visitors
Product recommendationDisplay recommended products to visitors based on the user’s setup
InstagramDisplay the summary of the user’s Instagram account with a link to the account’s homepage
SubscriptionSupport visitors to opt in the tracking updates concerning the shipment

To remove a section, navigate to Content, locate the section that you want to remove, and click Remove section
To move a section, navigate to Content, locate the section that you want to move, and drag it up or down to the desired location

If you have any queries, feel free to connect with our support team for quick assistance.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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