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How to Integrate Attentive With AfterShip?

Customers appreciate brands when they receive timely notifications related to their orders. It keeps their mind at ease and enhances their post-purchase experience.

By integrating Attentive with AfterShip, it gets easier to push SMS notifications for different checkpoints. Here’re the integration steps:

✍️ Get all the required information ready

1️⃣ Add Webhook URL

Go to the integration setup page of Attentive and choose AfterShip

Click on ‘Copy’ to copy the URL from the Webhook Destination URL field

Now, navigate to the ‘Notifications’ section of your AfterShip account > Click on ‘Webhooks’ > Tap on ‘*Add Webhook URL’**

Paste the copied URL (obtained from Attentive) > Hit the ‘Save’ button

Copy your Webhook secret for later use

2️⃣ Generate API key

Go to your AfterShip account’s settings > Click on ‘API keys’

Click on ‘Create API key’ button > Give your key a name

Select the signature header for the API key > Choose 'admin API permissions' as per your needs and click 'Save'

Copy your API Key for later use

3️⃣ Copy your tracking page URL

Go to the ‘Tracking pages’ section of your AfterShip account

Choose your tracking page and copy its URL

🔗 Set up the integration in Attentive

Browse the integration setup page and choose AfterShip

Paste your copied ‘API Key,’ ‘Tracking Page URL,’ and ‘Webhook Secret’ in the given fields

In case you don’t collect opt-ins via Shopify, enable the ‘Create Transactional Subscriptions’ setting to use AfterShip data for creating transactional subscriber records in Attentive. Otherwise, skip this step.
Click on ‘Set up integration’ to establish a connection with AfterShip successfully

Congrats! You can now create a transactional journey using AfterShip triggers (Info received, In transit, Out for delivery, Available for pickup, Delivered, Exception, and Failed attempt).

Note: Disable AfterShip SMS notifications to avoid sending duplicate SMS notifications while using Attentive.

Updated on: 08/12/2022

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