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Learn About AfterShip Track Button

Tracking functionality can be easily enabled on the store with the AfterShip track button. It helps shoppers gain insights into their order status and provides an enhanced post-purchase experience. By embedding the Track Button to your store, shoppers can track shipments by entering the tracking number or it can be pre-input.

Key benefits

📌 Improved tracking

With the track button, you can offer an improved tracking experience to the shoppers with just one click!

📌 Reduce inquiries

Studies show 90% of shoppers prefer tracking the delivery status of orders on their own. AfterShip track button eliminates the need for shoppers to reach out to customer services for getting updates on their orders.

📌 Easy to use

AfterShip track button can be easily enabled on the store by embedding just a few lines of code.

📌 No additional charges

You can embed the track button to your store for free. No extra charges entail.

Updated on: 07/10/2022

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