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AfterShip Tracking supports different themes with pre-built pages, design, and style elements to offer effortless branded tracking page creation and customization.

Only Admin, Owner, and Manager with editing rights can access the themes.

What you'll learn

In this article, we will discuss:

How to access themes
Feature availability in each theme
Theme editor layout
Supported themes details
Change themes

How to access themes

Log into your AfterShip Tracking admin dashboard
Go to Tracking pages > Page variations
Select the tracking page that you want to edit
Click Actions > Edit
At the top, below the page name, click the down arrow to open the themes menu. There are five themes, including the Sake Legacy supported.

Feature availability in each theme

FeaturesSakeSake (Legacy)HeroNomadsBasic
Movable sectionsYesNoYesNoNo
Section - TrackingYesYesYesYesYes
Section - Shipment itemsYesNoYesNoNo
Section - Other shipments in the orderYesNoYesNoNo
Section - Product recommendationYesYesYesYesNo
Section - Shipment reviewYesYesYesYesNo
Section - Subscribe to notificationsYesYesYesYesNo

Theme editor layout

1. Hero and Sake

Hero and Sake theme host a bunch of sections that you can customize and reposition anywhere on your branded tracking page to provide the most engaging customer experience with each section carefully placed to offer the most relevant information flow to the customers.

2. Sake(Legacy), Nomad, and Basic

Sake(Legacy), Nomad, and Basic theme host a bunch of carefully designed sections that hold a specific relevance to the entire page layout. The reason why these sections, though customizable, are unmovable.

Supported themes details

1. Sake

Sake is among the most popular and sought-after AfterShip Branded Tracking Page themes. This theme is an ideal choice for merchants who want to promote their marketing assets like coupons, discounts, and sales offers to keep customers engaged and foster repeat sales.

Best practices

a. Events/offers: Display your upcoming sales events and discount offers right next to the tracking updates to catch customers’ eye in a go, allowing them to engage with your store and increase the chances of additional sales.

b. Showcase collections: Showcase different product categories to highlight how comprehensive and diverse your business range is.

c. Promote gift cards: Provide customers with gift card promotions in large, impactful panels.

2. Sake(Legacy)

A legacy version of Sake is only available for historical accounts and provides limited customization options. If you still have a page under the Sake(Legacy) theme, we recommend you change it to Sake to get your hands on more widgets and customization capabilities.

Sake vs Sake(Legacy)

1. Shipment review widget design

2. Rounded corners

3. Multiple shipments switch option

3. Hero

The Hero theme provides a responsive and minimal portfolio theme for users who want to show off their best work and highlight their services. One of the key highlights of this theme is the parallax home page banner that allows you to display your key message engagingly.

Best Practice

a. Collect shipments review: Place the review section right below the hero banner to emphasize that you are the brand that values its customers’ opinions.
b. Recommend products - Place the product recommendation section right below the hero banner to drive repeat sales.

4. Nomads

The Nomads theme provides a simple layout with shipment progress, carrier information, and customer reviews.

5. Basic

The theme with the cleanest interface offering the tracking information that centers customers' interest.

Change themes

If you want to change the theme of an existing tracking page, you are free to do so with all contents/assets migrated to the new themes.

To change the theme:

Select an existing tracking page
Click Theme and select the destination theme
Hit Confirm
Click Save. Your new theme will be saved to your tracking page and your customer will access the new theme tracking page.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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