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Add Track Button to CS-Cart Store

Enable tracking at your CS-Cart store with the AfterShip Track Button and allow shoppers to track orders with just one click. The Track Button helps you to provide a swift tracking experience and exceptional customer service.

🔧 Add a New Page

Login to your CS-Cart store > Website > Pages
Click “+” action button > Add page > Enter name
Create page

🔧 Insert Track Button

Login to your CS-Cart store > Website > Pages > Select a page to add Track Button
Click “<>” action button > Copy below-mentioned code and paste in HTML source editor

<div id="as-root">
(function(e,t,n){var r,i=e.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];if(e.getElementById(n))return;r=e.createElement(t);;r.src="//";i.parentNode.insertBefore(r,i)})(document,"script","aftership-jssdk")
<div class="as-track-button" data-size="large" data-domain="">

 Save changes

Note down page_id (Specified in the URL) > Layouts tab

Select block to add page > Block options > Content tab

Add page to footer menu items by inserting below-mentioned code

<li><a href="{"pages.view?page_id=41"|fn_url}">Track Order Status</a></li>

For “id”, enter value mentioned in step 4. In place of “Track your order”, enter page name.

Save Changes

Open the block again and enable “Use this content for all the block instances”

You can also replace data-domain=" with AfterShip username or custom domain and apply your carrier settings.

Updated on: 07/10/2022

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