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Add Video and Playlist URL to Branded Tracking Pages

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Add even more compelling content to your Branded tracking page with the YouTube video widget, which allows you to add videos and playlists from your YouTube library to the Tracking page to engage customers and present more visually appealing content.

Additional considerations

Only the Admin, Owner, and Manager can edit the tracking page
The YouTube video widget is available only for the New Sake and Hero themes

Add video/playlist to your tracking page

Go to Tracking pages > Page variations in the AfterShip Tracking admin
Select the tracking page to which you want to add the visual display. Click Actions > Edit
If you are using either Sake or Hero theme click + Add section and select Video. Edit the following settings

1. Source

Select the Source type

a. YouTube video URL: Paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to add to the page
b. YouTube playlist URL: Paste the URL of the first video of the playlist you want to add to the page

How to locate YouTube playlist URL

Go to Your channel in your YouTube account
Click Playlist from the header or from the side panel look for the videos with the three line and play button icon

Under the playlist tab, all your account’s playlists will appear. Select the playlist you want to add to your tracking page

The first video that will start playing, copy the URL of that video. The rest of the videos will auto-play on loop

2. Content

Edit the title of the video section (optional)
Add a an alt-text to help people using assistive technology or with sight impairments understand the content
Manage the display options

Auto play: Auto-play the video the moment customer opens the tracking page
Loop video: Loop the video when it finishes playing
Show video controls: Give customers control buttons to pause, adjust sound, volume, etc.
Mute video by default: Mute the video by default when the customer opens the tracking page

Customer experience

This is how the video will look on the tracking page.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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