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Change the Default Language of the Branded Tracking Page

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AfterShip Tracking allows you to set up and display your branded tracking page in multiple languages. By default, your branded tracking page's language is set to English.

Choosing your default language is paramount in setting the translation flow of the additional languages you’ll add and set your tracking page in. This is primarily because the duplicate versions of your tracking page will be created in the default language you set as you add new languages to your tracking page.

The default version of your tracking page is the one the customers will see if you have not translated your tracking page into the visitor’s browser language.

It is recommended to select the most popular language as your default language. However, it is also important to set the default language to a language that your localization team can read. AfterShip Tracking creates duplicate versions of your page in your default language when you add new languages.

Set your default language

Access the editor of your preferred tracking page variation by clicking Actions > Edit
From the Switch language panel, click Manage languages to enter the Languages dashboard
Click the Manage icon {...} and click Set as default to set that language as default
Go back to the main editor and hit Save to finish the process.

Use language parameter

By inserting the language parameters in your tracking page URL, you can redirect visitors to the target language page.

Universal URL: https://{domain}/?lang=de

Example 1:

Example 2:

Specific page URL:

Example 1:

In the above examples, “it” and “zh-Hans” represents the language code. By adding these language parameters to the tracking page URL, customers will directly land on the tracking page of that language.

If the URL does not contain a language parameter, you can turn on the Detect browser language to automatically show your page to visitors in the language of their browsers. Your default language is shown if the customer's browser language doesn't match any of your added languages.

Change browser settings

You can change your browser's default language settings to set up a native language display as per the default language settings in the AfterShip Tracking admin. This way your branded tracking page will automatically display in the language you've set as your default language.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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