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Change the Default Language of the Branded Tracking Page

The language of any tracking page gets set to English by default. To let customers check the status of their parcel in the local language, you will have to change the language of your tracking page manually. Here are a few methods:

Using AfterShip account

Go to the 'Tracking pages' section and choose the page you want to edit

Click on 'Actions' and then choose 'Edit' from the dropdown menu

You will land to the Content tab of your selected tracking page, so switch to the 'Settings' tab and then scroll down to the 'Edit' option of the Tracking Page Languages section

Go to the 'Set default language' option and choose the desired language

Hit on 'Save' to finish the process.

On tracking page URL

ex 1:

ex 2:

In these examples, “it” and “zh-Hans” are representing the language code.

From browser settings

You can change your browser's default language settings to set up a native language display.

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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