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Connect Alloy Automation With AfterShip Tracking

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Alloy Automation is an eCommerce automation platform that helps you save a significant amount of time and reduce manual errors. It lets you automate workflows so that you can focus on core business activities, instead of monotonous tasks.

Integrating AfterShip Tracking with Alloy Automation means getting access to 90+ apps like ReCharge, Yotpo, etc. to pull or push data.

There are a few apps that AfterShip doesn’t support natively, but the integration with Alloy Automation paves the way for users to get access to all those applications.

Connect AfterShip Tracking with Alloy Automation

Log in to your Alloy Automation account (create an account, if you haven't already)
Click New workflow > Start From Recipe or Start From Scratch depending on their requirement

Rename the workflow title for easy reference and hit save
Go to the Trigger Blocks and search for AfterShip. Choose the AfterShip Trigger from the Apps section and click Continue. Set it as the first app in your workflow

Copy the Alloy generated link from Step 2 and act according to the given instruction
Click here highlighted in blue. You will land on the AfterShip Notifications settings. Move to the Webhooks section.

Click Add webhook URL and paste the Alloy-generated link into the webhook URL field > Save

Back to Alloy, click on the Finish button to establish a successful connection.

Once AfterShip is set up as a trigger point. You can further set up the workflow to trigger an action once there is a shipment update on AfterShip.

For e.g., If you wish to send SMS notifications of the latest shipment updates, you can opt for one of the supported SMS notifications apps, connect your account, and set up the email workflow as required.

In case you’re facing issues while setting up a connection, get help from our support team right away.

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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