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Connect BigCommerce With AfterShip Tracking

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Connect AfterShip Tracking with your BigCommerce store to enhance the post-purchase experience of shoppers. It supports over 1100+ carriers to eliminate the need of using multiple apps to track the progress of shipments.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Connect BigCommerce store through AfterShip Tracking
Install AfterShip Tracking on BigCommerce
Complete store connection actions
Create shipments in BigCommerce

Connect BigCommerce store through AfterShip Tracking

Go to Apps in AfterShip Tracking admin
Click View more apps, and you will be redirected to the AfterShip Tracking integration page
Find BigCommerce and select it to land on the detailed integration page and click Install app
Select the right organization (online store) if you have multiple organizations configured in AfterShip Tracking for which you are establishing this integration
You will be redirected to the AfterShip Tracking admin to authorize the connection. Click Install app to confirm

Verify that the connection has been established successfully by visiting the AfterShip Tracking's Apps section and click Store connections to check the status.

Your store URL will be labelled as Connected on the BigCommerce connection page

Install AfterShip Tracking on BigCommerce

Log in to your BigCommerce store admin
From the BigCommerce admin, click Apps and select Marketplace. Go to BIGCOMMERCE.COM/APPS to find the complete list of apps

Search AfterShip Tracking, click on it to open the app detail page

Click Get this app, log in to your BigCommerce account. You can create a new account or log in to your existing account
Select the store you want to install AfterShip Tracking for
Install the AfterShip Tracking app

Click Confirm to allow AfterShip Tracking to access your store data > Connect

Log in to AfterShip Tracking by creating a new AfterShip Tracking account using BigCommerce email or using an existing AfterShip Tracking account

Complete store connection actions

Once your BigCommerce store is connected to AfterShip Tracking, there is one action that we recommend setting up.

Go to your Apps section > Click Store connections > Actions
You will see two settings on the dropdown, out of which you need to take care of one

Import settings

Import settings allow you to automate the shipments import process to AfterShip Tracking dashboard.

Define the date range here to import your BigCommerce orders successfully
Choose the order creation time from the given options to trigger shipments' auto-import from BigCommerce to AfterShip Tracking

For example: If you have selected Last 30 days, only the orders with the tracking data created in the last 30 days will be auto-imported to AfterShip Tracking

Choose the order updated time to import orders that are updated within the selected date range to AfterShip Tracking

New shipments will auto-sync based on these settings after the first import

In case you are facing any issue with the installation process or any of the aforementioned settings, let our support team know.

Fulfill Orders on BigCommerce Store

Once a package has left its point of origin, create a shipment and add the tracking number in your BigCommerce store. The order information will be automatically imported to the AfterShip Tracking account.

Create shipments in BigCommerce

Log in to your Bigcommerce store > Orders > View
Click on the three dots {...} and select Ship items

Enter tracking number in the Tracking ID field > Select the carrier > Choose the shipping method

Make sure you have activated and set up your BigCommerce carriers in AfterShip Tracking too. Learn more

Hit Create shipment. The order status will update to Shipped

Order information will be imported based on your auto-import settings in AfterShip Tracking.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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