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Connect Multiple Stores to AfterShip

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You can connect multiple store to AfterShip by using shopping cart apps, API or CSV auto-fetch at the  app store. All the shipments will be imported to the same AfterShip account and the dashboard will display the overall performance of your account.

To link multi-stores on Shopify, you have to select the existing organization where you'd want to use AfterShip Tracking for the store you are about to add.

To link multi-stores on Magento, you have to specify the store ID when inputting the API credentials at AfterShip.

To  link multi-stores on PrestaShop, you have to define the store when  generating your PrestaShop API.

However, for users sending out notifications, we strongly recommend users to open different AfterShip accounts for each store as currently you can only set one notification template, and one send-from email address for each AfterShip account.

Updated on: 07/05/2024

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